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Arm Yourself With One of the Strongest Non-Gun Weapons a Civilian Can Legally Own
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The XL Shockwave is by far one of the most terrifying weapons anyone can carry.

It combines a flesh-searing 10,000 Volt Stun Gun… with an absolutely BRUTAL Aluminum Billy Club.

And it even has a blindingly bright 150 Lumen flashlight to top it all off!

Just getting it out and turning it on to demonstrate its blood curdling crackle is enough to make most sane people (even crooks) run for the hills!

But if they don’t run…

You’ll love knowing you have all the power to make them wish they’d turned tail when they had the chance.

In many cases, it’s even better than a gun or knife, because it:

But those aren’t the only reasons people love it…


It’s a beast

This combo product is all it says it is. Extremely well built, has a very good battery life, a good bright light, and the stun gun noise alone will fend off just about anything/anyone. We keep one in the house at all times and a second in our motorhome. Great product.


Packs a punch!

Luckily I haven’t had to use it, but I’ve clicked it on and let me tell you… the noise on this thing makes me feel safe by itself. I can’t imagine being touched with it. Solid, heavy but not too heavy, and long enough to not have to get too close to a person to touch them with it. 5 Stars.

Why the XL Shockwave Is One of the Best (and Most Powerful) Defense Tools Available to the Public

Guns may seem like the best way to stop a potentially deadly conflict, BUT…

Guns are becoming a lot harder to get in this country.

And even if you do want to go to the trouble of owning and carrying one…

If you’re ever forced to use it… even if you’re fully justified

It could land you in a life-ruining lawsuit!

It happens all the time.

And even if you’re proven innocent, the lawyers and court system will bleed you dry before your name is finally cleared.

That’s why having a non-gun defense tool is one of the smartest things any American can do.

And the XL Shockwave is one of the best (and most powerful) non-gun defense tools you can legally own!

  • Delivers a Beating (Just Like What Police Use)

    Just like police carry billy clubs to subdue attackers, you can carry the XL Shockwave Torch to defend yourself.

    The XL Shockwave Torch is a mix between a tactical flashlight, brutal stun gun, and aluminum billy club.

    We made it out of solid metal with thick ridges of raised aluminum. The ridges aren’t decorative. They’re meant to be used to beat an attacker back.

    Carry this with you and you’ll have the power to knock the living daylights out of any creep who tries to hurt you.

  • High-Voltage Stun Gun Delivers True Knock-Down Power

    The XL Shockwave Torch is scary just to look at … but when you activate its stun gun it becomes terrifying to hear as well.

    Simply press the “Stun” button and a sickening crackle lets you know the 10,000 volts, 3-amp stun gun is ready to put down anyone who raises a threatening hand in your direction.

    The XL Shockwave is also rated for 1.8 microcoulombs of electrical output (the higher this number is, the more it hurts).

    And the National Institute of Justice did a study reporting that people experience “intolerable pain” at just 1 microcoulomb.

  • So Powerful, It Requires a Safety

    If you’re skeptical of just how powerful the XL Shockwave Torch really is, then this will put all your doubts to rest.

    The XL Shockwave Torch is so powerful that we had to include a built-in safety…

    The reason is because with 10,000 volts of power, it’s actually strong enough to disrupt the rhythm of an attacker’s heart!

  • Bright Enough to Light Up Huge Areas

    The XL Shockwave Torch isn’t just a capable weapon for self-defense.

    It’s also a superior flashlight. The 110 lumen LED casts a large, bright beam that helps you see in any environment.

    It’s great for lighting up a dark garage or even to shine in someone’s eyes to temporarily blind them.

  • 100% Rechargeable

    The XL Shockwave Torch delivers 10,000 volts of power over and over again for up to 2 continuous minutes (it takes less than 2 seconds to disable even the largest thugs). Meanwhile, the flashlight itself will work on “High” for up to 2 hours.

    And when the power finally runs out, recharging the built-in 1,000 mAh battery is as simple as plugging into a wall outlet (power cord included).


Claim Your Discounted XL Shockwave NOW + Your Chance to Win a FREE $5k Vacation!

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Deterrent worth the money

Have used the “stun” twice as I was approached aggressively by two different dogs on two different nights. I say used but because of the sound and bright “sparking” both dogs turned at a distance of 10’ without harming them.

Edward D. Mencer


Just the noise would send a creep running. With so much road rage these days, I’m 66 and don’t plan on getting pulled from my car. I’ve had other stun lights before, but this is a whole other animal. Thanks for the peace of mind.

You'll Love Your XL Shockwave Torch Especially With Our Rock-Solid, Money-Back Guarantee

We want you to be 100% satisfied with your purchase of the XL Shockwave Torch.

And we want you to enjoy the heck out of the incredible deal you’re getting today…

That’s why we’re giving you our rock-solid unconditional money-back guarantee.

If for any reason you’re not happy with your purchase, you have a full year to get every penny you spent refunded back to you.
We hate the idea of having an unhappy customer…

So if you’re not satisfied with even the smallest aspect of your order, just contact our US-based Support Team, and they’ll issue you a prompt refund for ALL your money.

No questions asked.

That’s a real American guarantee – and one we’re proud to stand behind.

We won’t keep one red cent of your hard-earned cash if you’re not beyond thrilled with your purchase today.

We hope that sounds fair.


Question: Can This Kill Someone?

Answer: Maybe! While it’s a non-lethal weapon, it is dangerous enough to that it could kill someone if they had a pre-existing condition.

Question: How Much Does It Weigh?

Answer: Just 5 ounces!

Question: Does it use AA batteries?

Answer: Even better, it has an integrated rechargeable battery, no need to buy batteries.

Question: What light settings does it have?

Answer: High, Low, and Emergency Strobe.

Question: Is It Waterproof?

Answer: It is water resistant.