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CIA Ice Defender

CIA Ice Defender

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We have the CIA to thank for many unique defense tools, and this CIA Ice Defender is one of the best. Its original purpose was for use as an easily concealable “last resort” defense tool for agents in the field. It looks perfectly innocent (and works great as an ice scraper too), but could also help you defend yourself in a variety of situations.
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The CIA ice defender is nearly hard as steel, it will cut through ice like a hot knife through butter.

Totally Invisible to Metal Detectors

Despite being made from one of the hardest man-made materials on the planet, this handy defense tool will never set off a metal detector. Plus, since it looks nothing like a weapon – and technically isn’t a weapon at all – it’s highly unlikely to be confiscated.

Unique Polyresin Is Nearly Hard As Steel

This tiny tool will cut through ice (and all kinds of other material) like a hot knife through butter… and it’ll also make any attacker sorry they ever raised a threatening hand in your direction. Tuck it in even the smallest pocket and know you’ll always have a way to defend yourself – no matter what.

The Perfect “Last Line of Defense”

Obviously, this tool probably isn’t the first thing you’d grab if you’re caught in a bad situation. However, it’s extremely smart to carry as a “last line of defense,” because you can conceal it so easily and take it practically anywhere. That’s exactly why it was developed for carry by special operators in the first place.

  • Specifications

    Material: Polyresin Composite
    Weight: 0.6 ounces
    Dimensions: ‎3.5" x 2.75"

  • Features

    1. Unbelievably sharp, micro-planed blade
    2. Weighs less than a Bic lighter
    3. Incredibly easy to conceal