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Mini Shockwave Torch

Mini Shockwave Torch

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America’s streets (and even suburbs) are getting more dangerous by the day. But the Mini Shockwave Torch gives you a guaranteed way to protect yourself – no matter your age, size, or strength. It’s also small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. And since it looks like a normal innocent flashlight, you can take it many places where other defense tools would never be allowed.
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Powerful Enough to Disable Any Attacker Instantly

With 2.5 amps and 800,000 volts of power, the Mini Shockwave Torch will make any thug sorely regret ever coming at you. In fact, it’s actually strong enough to shatter the rhythm of a grown man’s heart – so powerful we included a built-in safety!

Simple & Effective: No License or Paperwork Needed

The Mini Shockwave Torch is incredibly easy-to-use, just unlock the safety and press the second button to disable attackers. And press the first button to blast the blinding 150 lumen flashlight that’s built right in. It also requires no background check or hassles to own and carry!

Ultra Compact and Tough As Nails

Measuring just 4.25” long and only 88 grams in weight, the Mini Shockwave Torch fits in the smallest pockets or purses. It’s also made from bombproof, aircraft-grade aluminum… so you never have to worry about it failing when you need it most.

  • Specifications

    Material: Aircraft-Grade Aluminum
    Weight: 88 grams
    Dimensions: ‎6.5” x 1”
    Battery Type: Built-In NiCd Rechargeable

  • Features

    1. Comes With Free Holster
    2. Includes a Built-In Safety
    3. 2.5 Amps and 800,000 Volts