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Self Defense Tactical Pen

Self Defense Tactical Pen

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This robust defense tool looks (and functions) just like a normal ink pen. But in a pinch, it transforms into a brutally effective way to protect yourself. It’s the perfect everyday carry companion – use it as a writing instrument, but always have a defense tool at your fingertips.
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Breezes Through “Restricted Areas”

You can carry this defense pen in a courthouse, on a plane, and just about everywhere else. It’s not technically a weapon, so most people won’t give it a second glance. But whether anybody knows it or not, you’ll have a nasty surprise waiting in your pocket for anyone who decides to come at you!

Extremely Durable & Easily Refillable

Crafted from hardened, aircraft-grade aluminum, this tool is built to take years of abuse and dish out pain for a lifetime. It also accepts standard ballpoint refill cartridges, so you’ll always be able to easily get more ink when you need it.

Defense Tip Doubles As a Glass Breaker

Not only will the back tip of this tactical pen deliver serious damage to an attacker… it’ll also let you easily break any pane of glass. This could be a life-saving feature in a car crash or other scenario where you’re stuck behind hard glass and need to get out fast.

  • Specifications

    Color: Black
    Dimensions: 6.25" x 0.5" x 0.75"
    Material: Aircraft-Grade Aluminum

  • Features

    1. Takes Standard Ballpoint Pen Refills
    2. Lightweight, Yet Ultra Durable
    3. Guaranteed for Life