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Shockwave 2000

Shockwave 2000

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The Shockwave 2000 is the absolute most powerful stun torch we’ve ever created. Truly pushing the boundaries of what can be considered a “non-lethal” defense tool, we urge you to exercise extreme caution with it (never test it on yourself or anyone you don’t intend to incapacitate!)
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One of the Most Powerful Non-Gun Defense Tools Available to the Public

With a whopping 30,000 volt, 3.1 Microcoulomb stun output, the Shockwave 2000 truly pushes the boundaries on what can be classified as a “non-lethal” defense tool. The National Institute of Justice says just 1 Microcoulomb produces "intolerable pain"... so you can just imagine what 3.1 feels like!

Take It Places Where Guns Could Never Go

The Shockwave 2000 is slyly disguised as an innocent flashlight. And it actually is a great flashlight, since it includes an R5 LED lamp with 450 Lumens. If anyone asks what it is, just press the first button and show them the flashlight function. Meanwhile, they’ll never know the second button delivers an excruciating jolt that could put Andre the Giant on his back! This means you can easily carry it places guns could never go – like airports, schools, and more.

Unbelievable Stopping Power - No License or Background Check Required

Despite its “barely legal” strength, the Shockwave 2000 can be owned by anyone – and doesn’t need any kind of paperwork or background check to be purchased. If you want a powerful defense tool with no waiting period, without getting your name on some Federal registry, and no BS… then the Shockwave 2000 is exactly what you want.

  • Specifications

    LED Strength: 450 Lumens
    Shock Output: 30,000 Volts, 3.1 Microcoulombs
    Material: Aircraft Grade Aluminum
    Weight: 17 oz
    Dimensions: 6.6” x 1.6” x 1.1”

  • Features

    1. Rechargeable and replaceable battery
    2. Can be carried virtually anywhere, including “gun-free zones”
    3. Built-in safety for for easy everyday carry
    4. Extremely durable exterior casing