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Shockwave Torch

Shockwave Torch

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Disguised as a perfectly innocent flashlight, the Shockwave Torch does something no other flashlight can do: put down attackers in a matter of seconds. With 2 amps, 9,000 volts, and 1.5 microcoulombs of power, it’ll make any crook sorely regret ever raising a threatening hand in your direction.
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The Ultimate Non-Gun Defense Tool

Sure, guns are great for self-defense… but they’re expensive, require tons of paperwork, and need training to be used effectively. Plus, there are thousands of places guns just can’t go, and you have to be 100% sure you’re “in the right” when you use one – or else you could be in big trouble. The Shockwave Torch solves all those problems, and you never have to second guess yourself before using it!

Built Like a Tank & Insanely Easy to Use

The Shockwave Torch is made with insanely tough aircraft grade aluminum, so you never need to worry about it getting banged around or accidentally dropped. It’s also incredibly easy to use. Just hit the first button to get a blindingly bright LED beam that puts most other flashlights to shame. And flip the safety and hit the second button to deliver a thug-stopping jolt powerful enough to break the rhythm of a grown man’s heart!

You Can Take It With You Anywhere

Fortunately, since the Shockwave Torch looks like a normal flashlight, you can take it with you anywhere on the planet – even strict “weapon-free” zones. Plus, with its super slim form factor and ultralight weight, it’s unbelievably easy to conceal in a pocket, purse, in your car, or any place you want to bring extra protection!

  • Specifications

    Material: Aircraft-Grade Aluminum
    Weight: 4 Ounces
    Dimensions: ‎6.5” x 1.5”
    Battery Type: Built-In NiCd Rechargeable

  • Features

    1. Comes with a free holster
    2. Includes a built-in safety
    3. Crazy bright 100,000-hour LED
    4. Sharp crenulated bezel