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The “Ultimate Pain” Bundle

The “Ultimate Pain” Bundle

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Grab the hands-down most terrifying tool we’ve ever made, the XL Shockwave Torch, which combines a searing 10,000 Volt Stun Gun with a vicious aluminum Billy Club. Plus, get our flagship standard Shockwave Torch that packs 9,000 volts and 1.5 microcoulombs of power.

1 XL Shockwave Torch
1 Shockwave Torch
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Gives You 3 Ways to Stop Any Attacker In Their Tracks

The Shockwave XL is really like three defense tools rolled into one. First, it gives you the ability to temporarily blind attackers in a matter of milliseconds with its ultra-bright LED torch. Next, it’ll let you instantly incapacitate any thug – regardless of their size – with its 10,000 volt stun function. And if all else fails, it has a solid aluminum club head with vicious raised ridges that’ll deliver serious damage with just a single swing.

The Ultimate Non-Gun Defense Tool

Sure, guns are great for self-defense… but they’re expensive, require tons of paperwork, and need training to be used effectively. Plus, there are thousands of places guns just can’t go, and you have to be 100% sure you’re “in the right” when you use one – or else you could be in big trouble. The Shockwave Torch solves all those problems, and you never have to second guess yourself before using it!