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XL Shockwave Torch

XL Shockwave Torch

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The XL Shockwave Torch is one of the biggest, most powerful non-gun defense tools available to civilians. Not only is it an insanely powerful flashlight, but it also contains a whopping 10,000 volt stun gun and doubles as a brutal billy club too.
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Gives You 3 Ways to Stop Any Attacker In Their Tracks

The Shockwave XL is really like three defense tools rolled into one. First, it gives you the ability to temporarily blind attackers in a matter of milliseconds with its ultra-bright LED torch. Next, it’ll let you instantly incapacitate any thug – regardless of their size – with its 10,000 volt stun function. And if all else fails, it has a solid aluminum club head with vicious raised ridges that’ll deliver serious damage with just a single swing.

The Perfect “Backup Weapon” for Your Gun

Even if you own a gun, carrying the Shockwave XL as a “backup weapon” is extremely smart for two big reasons. First, you can carry it in all the places where guns simply aren’t allowed – so you’re never left vulnerable and unprotected. Secondly, unlike a gun… it’s far less likely to land you in a nasty lawsuit since it’s non-lethal. So you never have to think twice before using it!

So Powerful, It Requires a Built-In Safety

The stun function on the Shockwave XL is no joke. In fact, it’s so strong, we had to include a built-in safety! Not only does that tell you just how powerful this tool really is, but it also means you can carry it confidently and safely wherever you go… knowing you can deploy 10,000 volts of thug-stopping power in seconds with the flip of a switch and press of a button.

  • Specifications

    LED Strength: 110 Lumens
    Shock Output: 10,000 Volts
    Material: Aircraft Grade Aluminum
    Weight: 15 oz
    Dimensions: 14.5” x 1.2” x 1.3”

  • Features

    1. Never needs batteries, includes built-in 1,000 mAh rechargeable battery
    2. Can be carried virtually anywhere, including “gun-free zones”
    3. Has a built-in safety for confident everyday carry
    4. No license or paperwork required to own